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Good Day Deviants.

I hope you have been enjoying my shots from what was a very hot RIAT. the Show itself was really good and featured some brilliant displays, Notably Solo Turk (the man is insane!) and the Austrian Saab 105. the only major disappointments being the high and distant Boeing Super Hornet display and the RN Merlin going tech, both where pre-show highlights for me. While this RIAT will probably be remembered in history for the saga of the F-35, it was a really good flying display and one of the best RIATs of the last few years. There are some more RIAT shots, but they will probably appear later in the year, however it is now time to turn the attention to over to Flying Legends. for me this was quite a frustrating show, with weather reaping a heavy toll on what should have been a classic show. visiting on the Sunday meant that I got the less favorable of the 2 days weather (Some very heavy showers in the morning and cloudy but bright afternoon). Pre show highlights the Peashooter and P-40C both stayed on the ground but these where more than made up for with my first sight of a flying Super Connie (bucket list ticked!). Other highlights for me included the Red Bull B25's stunning display and the Hellcat Joker slot (another first for me!). Hopfuly some of the photos will be of interest.

Anyhow just processing the shots form Shuttleworth at the weekend so expect a good amount of shots over the next few weeks as my most hectic part of the season kicks into gear. 

Thanks for all you support!

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arejaye Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Glad to hear that things are looking up for you after a frustrating beginning. Since you've read my entries you know I understand what it's like to be victim of capricious weather.
Also, sorry to hear that the F-35 is grounded for now. There'll be another time, I'm sure. Here's hoping.
Daniel-Wales-Images Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014   Photographer
Bad weather will always make you feel like you are not achieving, due to the inevitable quality drop.

But it's best not to judge your skills/progress on the results of a day like last Sunday. Grey days are great for learning and pushing ones skills as the changeable light keeps you on your toes, but never the less, you are never going to achieve what you are really capable of in grey skies, so don't feel bad about it.

You should expect a big reduction in the amount of keepers you get, and it is no reflection on your skills.

It can be worth the effort though for the ones that really shine through, and in dark skies you do always tend to get at least a couple of really nice ones. Just look at your spectacular Spitfire pair shot from last Autumn at Duxford. I would say a whole day of missing shots is worth it just for that one gem.

In other words don't worry about it, write it off to experience and keep at it. I'm sure what you did manage is more than worth uploading and sharing, and I look forward to seeing them when they eventually appear.

As for the accident, it is rough witnessing something like that. I've seen four accidents now, and a few emergencies too, and it does tend to stay with you. You always have that thought in the back of your mind when watching an aircraft in the air that something could go wrong, which I can't say I experienced before witnessing my first back in 2003 at Legends. It's just something we all have to accept is inevitable when you attend so many events. Airshows are always going to have an element of risk. You just have to hope that when they happen, they are few and far between and the pilot gets through unscathed.
tobyone1985 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks Dan your spot on with what you say, its frustrating at the time and maybe even more annoying when you sift thorough the shots afterwards, but as you say when they are right there right!
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July 3, 2014